Fire Bowl Himalayan Salt Lamp


Himalayan bowl salt lamps are a characteristic ionizer, channels the air from dust bugs and microscopic organisms, accordingly upgrading the nature of the air we breathe in. Bowl salt lamp is richly hand-cut from genuine Himalayan salt gems. A gas-fueled fire bowl is protected to work on a wooden deck with the expansion of a metal warmth safeguard. “Putting it close to the house is significant”. A salt lamp contains a low watt bulb that warms up the Salt Lamp. Nonetheless, the bulb in the salt lamp isn’t adequately hot to consume the salt stone or wooden base. Accordingly, Salt Lamps are protected to be left on for the time being. In the event that you salt lamp is certified, it will ingest all the dampness around, begin perspiring and contracting additional time. Himalayan salt lamps ought to be kept in dry regions. You could test it by scouring the lamp with wet material. The lamp should begin sobbing and look smooth.


  • Lessens asthma and other unfavorably susceptible indications
  • Energy sponsor
  • Air Purifier
  • Helps individuals experiencing melancholy and ADHD


  • They are substantial
  • Destructive salt
  • Can perspire in a sticky air
  • somewhat delicate

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