Salt Lamps
Cooking Salt Tile

 2,100  1,800

  • Natural Himalayan Rock Salt
  • Size: 12″ x 8″ x 1.5″  Weight: 5 kg Aprox
  • Full of Flavor Food
  • Best for grilling
  • Increase Proteins in Food


It is an amazing new way to cook and serve your food and make your food more tasty. Go gourmet! Cooking Salt Tile mineral block cooking is the new mod method of cooking. Using this Hemming weigh all natural Himalayan Cooking Salt Tile you can sear, grill and cook like a pro. Just place this Himalayan Cooking Salt Tile directly on your grill for amazing new grilling and BBQ options. Or place on your stove top and sear or cook directly on the heated tile for tantalizing flavor and texture. Foods will cook evenly and thoroughly. It’ll be the best cooked food you’ll ever have!



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Cooking Salt Tile ”