Pack of 1 kg
Desi Gur – خالص گڑ


  • 1 Kg Pack.
  • Freshly Produce Jaggery
  • 100% Pure Without any colour.
  • Without any Chemical.
  • Fresh and Tasty.


Desi Gur (خالص گڑ) has been the best for everyone out in India and Pakistan, mostly preferred after eating the meal. It is a way for people to keep them healthy and rid of all diseases. It is the best energy booster, it gives a lot of energy and prevents different health issues. Desi Gur is a sweetener made up from sugarcane. It is also called an unrefined sugar, prepared without refining of crystals and molasses. It is mostly produced in Asia, Latin America and Africa. It’s colour changes as the type, golden brown to dark brown.
Gur contains some mineral salts which are beneficial for our whole body. Desi Gur is also a cleansing agent; it purifies the blood, clean lungs, stomach and different parts of the body.
Countries which have pollution issues such as Pakistan and India should have it daily, as it is highly recommended to them to eat it on a daily basis. It keeps away from different diseases such as cold and cough, asthma, etc. You may contact us (whatsapp: 0331-8470841) for bulk order.


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Desi Gur – خالص گڑ ”