Salt Lamps
Dolphin Shape Salt Lamp

 2,500  2,200

  • Size:5.5*3.5*9 inch
  • Weight: 2.5 kgs aprox
  • Imported Power Cord and 15watt bulb included
  • You may contact us for bulk order



This Dolphin Shape Salt Lamp is a beautiful gift for you and your family or you can present it to some of your dear one on special occasion. Salt Lamps are know as air purifie and best for health issues. Normally Salt Lamps are recommended for allergy or asthma related problems. All these are due to the ionization process of Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps.  This Lamps is fitted with Wooden base and come with imported power cord and 15watt bulb. You can visit our facebook page for more detail or can contact us for booking or bulk order.


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Dolphin Shape Salt Lamp ”