Da Antonia
Eyelashes pair and Glue

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  1. Pack of 02
  2. Soft and Lightweight Eyelashes pair.
  3. Easy to apply and remove
  4. Eyelashes have no burden for your eyes.
  5. Great for many occasions
  6. The hair is so real and soft
  7. The thickness and curl of the eyelashes are just right.
  8. Suitable for professional application like Wedding Event &Photo shoot & dating night or a girls night & graduation & birthday party. Make you like a movie star.



This Eyelashes pair and Glue is Easy to apply and Remove. Not only for professional application, but also suit for new beginner to practice. Great for many occasions like wedding, birthday, party etc….
This Eyelashes pair set set comes with high quality eyelash adhesive 7ml. These Eyelashes pair and Glue are soft and lightweight hence no burden for your eyes.
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【Tips to Use】:1.Use makeup remover to clean the oil on the eyelashes and eyelids before wearing false eyelashes. 2.Cold weather will affect the stickiness of the strip. Please use a hair dryer to warm the strip to ensure the stickiness of the strip.


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Eyelashes pair and Glue ”