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Face Mask (Box of 50)

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  1. 50 pcs Box Packing
  2. Color: Green/Off-White/Blue
  3. Non-woven Fabric With Elastic Ear-Loop
  4. Give you long lasting protection to enjoy life.
  5. Made of non-woven fabric for easy breath-ability.
  6. Healthy wear for Mouth and Nose
  7. Breathing 3-Layer Design
  8. Clear Facial Masks
  9. Daily use more conveniently
  10. Comfortably Elastic Ear-Loop
  11. Uses: dust-proof, clean, personal care

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Best Disposable Face Mask for you!!!
Face Mask helps decrease the transmission of flu. Keep your friends, family members and others from contracting your cold of flu.
The product is 3ply Non-woven fabric with ear-loop. Air Permeability, Hypoallergenic. They are able to block dust and it will not cause tension or allergic reaction for long-term wearing. It is convenient, practical, safer and more healthful. Disposable clear Face Mask (Ear Loop). Reasonably protective face with 3-ply Design. Daily use more conveniently. With elastic ear-loop Most people wear well.

Just few months ago you might have seeing someone in the grocery store or walking down the street wearing a face mask. Time has changed. The Government currently ordered that any time you need to go out in public; wear mask to cover your nose and mouth. In addition to social-distancing; Any measure we can take to lessen the risk of spreading contagions is wearing Mask.
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  1. Saba Ahmed

    Best Product with The Best Price. Quality of Mask is Good.

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