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Theek Thaak – Khatti Meethi Imli

Box Packing include 26 imli pouches of Theek Thaak Imli. You can order for as much as you want but we recommend you to order at least for a box. This is very much tasty and after getting a box all family members will love it. This is the same product as you have tasted in their childhood.
Ingredients: Imli + Sugar + Glucose + Salt + Chilli



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Bath Towels

Our Towel collection (Export Quality) is a perfect option from Yarn House. If you’re looking for a towel that boosts your apparel image and improves the experience; This Towel is excellent choice. With a delicate balance of blend and strong construction keep these towels looking great even after numerous washing. This is best quality 100% cotton Terry Towel. You may contact us for stock lot of towels or Towels in customised size. Follow our Page on Facebook or contact us for more detail.

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